Top Tips for Caring for Your Wedding Dress

Top Tips for Caring for Your Wedding Dress

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Caring for your wedding dress is integral for keeping it in pristine condition. This is still the case after the big day as well as before – you can’t just shove it in the back of the cupboard and hope it’ll stay perfect. So, what are the best ways to care for your wedding dress? I asked experts in this area, Wedding Dress Cleaning Specialists, Confetti.

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Before the wedding

Store in a cool, dry part of the house

This is one of the basic rules when it comes to caring for your wedding dress – you should avoid damp and humidity at all costs. So, you’ve picked your dress up and you’re wondering where to put it? Find a spot in your house that is cool and dry and you’re good to go!

Keep away from pets and children

You may think that the children and pets you live with are incapable of damaging your beloved wedding dress. However, accidents do happen and, with your dream dress, you want to be extra cautious. Keep your gown out of the reach of pets and children to avoid any sort of damage.

Keep it safe when transporting

The best way to transport your wedding dress is by laying it down in the backseat of a car, with a garment bag covering it. By keeping it as flat as possible, you’re reducing the risk of wrinkling and rips.

Don’t leave it in the plastic cover

Leaving your dress in a plastic cover means that it is more likely for the dress to become damaged by humidity and light changes. Therefore, investing in a fabric cover that is going to ensure the protection of your dress is definitely worth it. Although, if you are on a budget, covering your dress with a white duvet cover would also work!

After the wedding

Organise for your dress to be professionally cleaned

The day after your wedding is the best time to have it cleaned. However, that won’t always be feasible, so within a month of the big day is the recommended time frame. The sooner you get it cleaned, the less time you are giving for stains to settle into the fabric!

Store it in a special box, rather than a plastic cover

A good idea for this is an acid-free storage box and some tissue paper. However, this isn’t all you need! Once you have packed your dress into your chosen box, you need to find a place to store the box that isn’t exposed to light and damp. Avoid storing your wedding dress in a plastic bag because the plastic might emit fumes which can turn your wedding dress yellow!

Don’t just forget about it

It’s important to treasure the special memories of your wedding day. This isn’t to say you have to get the dress out of the box every month to look at it but just don’t forget about it completely. Keeping an eye on your gown every six months will remind you of the happy moments, as well as ensuring that no damage has occurred while it is in storage. Take this time to remember your special day!

About the author: Confetti Wedding Dress Cleaning are specialists devoted to the cleaning and preservation of wedding dresses. They love all things relating to weddings and are committed to helping you restore and save the treasured memories from your special day.


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