Why you should say yes to a winter wedding!

Why you should say yes to a winter wedding!

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Many brides and grooms overlook the winter season in which to hold their wedding but we believe winter weddings in particular those around the Christmas and New Year period make lovely intimate, cosy and romantic ceremonies with receptions being some of the best parties!  Your guests are good spirited because it’s the holiday season and you won’t have to spend weeks looking at the long range weather forecast worrying what the weather will be because you know it’s going to be cold!

Below are our top suggestions for why you should hold your wedding in the winter:

  • Romantic, Cosy Ceremonies and Receptions

Darkness falls earlier in the winter (around 3.30pm) meaning the party can get started that little bit sooner which means you have longer to enjoy it.  With darkness falling earlier than in summer take advantage and use fairy lights, tea lights, lanterns and candles to decorate the path to your church or ceremony venue or the entrance to your reception venue and how about a firework display with guest sparklers before the dancing starts?

Winter light can be amazing for weddings; think of cosy rooms with log fires and candlelight – all excellent for romantic photos.  Do make sure however, that you check with your photographer as some will prefer you to marry and exit your ceremony whilst there is still daylight left.

By the fireside with mulled wine, hot chocolate or tequila?

Winter lends itself beautifully to grand stately homes and castles which have large entrance halls with open fireplaces.  Warm your guests up by serving mulled wine and/or steaming mugs of hot chocolate with lashings of cream and mallows in front of roaring fires; alternatively hire a tequila bar and serve your guests tequila shots (one of our winter weddings did this and all the guests loved it including the grandparents!).  If it’s Christmas make sure you ask the venue if they will have ‘real’ trees as part of their decorations so guests can soak up the smell of fresh pine and evoke all of those happy Christmas memories (this also means that the venue will already be decorated so you might be able to save money on your venue decorating budget).

  • More for your money

By choosing a winter wedding you are marrying in what is traditionally the ‘quieter’ season for both suppliers and venues and you will therefore be able to take advantage of discounts or incentives they are offering.  Do not be afraid to negotiate with a venue on their costs – their fees will already be cheaper than if you were holding a summer wedding but find out if there are any further discounts they can offer you.  Remember they would rather have a wedding booking than an empty venue.

  • It’s the Holiday’s – be a little different

If you have a large circle of friends your guests will undoubtedly be feeling ‘fatigued’ by the end of the summer wedding season not to mention the amount of activities and holiday’s that have to be juggled to attend a summer wedding.  If you choose to get married in the Christmas and New Year period, most of your guests will already have holiday booked so you can save yourself even more money if required by booking a mid-week wedding day.  Your guests will relish the thought of attending a winter wedding; something that little bit different to others they may have been to that year.  You may also find that you have more guests attending a winter wedding over a summer wedding simply due to there being less in everyone’s social diaries in the winter months.

  • Weather – will it be a white wedding?

In winter everyone would love to have snow on their wedding day to make dramatic, wonderful photographs as there is something quite magical and enchanting about a snowy backdrop.  Getting married in winter you know it will be cold and more likely than not it may be raining or snowing so you prepare early on in your planning.  Likewise guests will be expecting cold winter weather and will have bought their outfits accordingly.

  • Your dress options are endless!

This is possibly the best part of marrying in winter; you can indulge in rich, warm fabrics such as velvets and faux fur.  Not only will you have your dress but perhaps a matching jacket, bolero or shrug that can be used for evenings out long after your wedding.  You might however want to be prepared and think about having some wellies and brollies on standby just in case the weather really does live up to it being winter!


What better for your evening entertainment than to have something a little different and hire a Ceilidh band.  One of our previous Christmas weddings bought a Ceilidh band all the way down from their native Scotland and guests couldn’t get enough of the dancing and laughter that comes with realising you’re not the best at following the caller (especially after several tequila shots!). We can whole heartedly recommend the guys from Stumpy Oak.

Floral and Colour Schemes

You can choose floristry and foliage that are not available in other seasons such as holly and mistletoe along with ivy and snowberries.  Do not think that winter weddings must all be red, green and gold; go for a snowy and ice theme with hues of pale blue, turquoise and silver and warm these up with candlelight or subtle uplighting.  Or alternatively go for a rich opulent look with deep purple and gold.

  • Honeymoon Destinations

Finally; remember if you marry in winter then heading somewhere exotic and warm for your honeymoon will mean guaranteed sunshine in many destinations without the threat of hurricanes or rainstorms and let’s face it; who doesn’t want to have a gorgeous winter wedding and then jet off to the sunshine and sandy beaches with cocktails on the sun lounger?

Good luck and happy planning.


(images: www.ianscottphotography.co.uk)


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