Month: July 2018

10 Things to Consider When Booking Your Wedding Band

With a current trend of festival style multi day weddings and having both live music and a DJ becoming a popular choice it soon becomes apparent that there are a large number of bands available each one with their individual sound, style and requirements so how do you choose the best band for you? We…
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Why you should take out wedding insurance

We discuss what wedding insurance is, what it covers, how much it costs as well as some tips on selecting the best wedding insurance policy and what are the risks of an uninsured wedding. The majority of couples will tie the knot this year without wedding insurance. The last time a study was conducted in…
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5 Tips to avoid the ‘cookie cutter’ wedding

OK, if you don’t know, your first question maybe what is a cookie cutter wedding and why would I want to avoid one when planning my wedding? Well firstly a cookie cutter wedding may appeal to you and there is nothing wrong if that’s your style, but if you want your wedding to stand out…
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