Introducing Hannah – Planning Assistant

Introducing Hannah – Planning Assistant

Sometimes we are so busy planning weddings that we forget that not everyone know’s who is who within the R&F office so today we thought we would introduce you to Hannah, one of our Planning Assistants.

“Hi everyone, I’m Hannah and I’ve been part of team R&F as a Planning Assistant since October 2017.

The wedding industry is something I’ve loved since, well, forever I guess, but my focus has been on different aspects over the years.  I’ve always loved to be creative and have tried my hand at pretty much every creative hobby you can think of.  Photography has been a long standing interest and I would always turn to portraits and wedding photography as my favourite inspirations.

During my teenage years I developed a real passion for cake decorating and would enjoy decorating every birthday and Christmas cake my family required, but I never got the chance to do a wedding cake (there’s still time!).  I studied 2 Art GCSE’s and have essentially tried to stay in touch with my creative side in any way I can ever since.

Aside from being creative, I’ve always loved to be organised and my attention to detail has been commended by many along the way.  I’m also a people person; I care a lot, love to make others happy and am pretty patient and calm.  So, when I found myself contemplating how I might be able to better combine all of my skills, the things I love, and the things that bring me the most satisfaction, I suddenly had a eureka moment!  Why I hadn’t considered wedding planning right from the start I have no idea, but now I’m hooked!

I embarked on an online diploma in wedding planning and styling and whilst the course is fantastic I really wanted some real life experience to go alongside it.  I wanted to see what I was learning being put into practice and I wanted get to grips with the more nitty gritty parts of being a wedding planner that you overlook until you’re fully absorbed into that world.

Having found R&F Weddings online, not only were they in the ideal location for me but every wedding they were a part of looked to be exactly my sort of thing … the fine details, the locations and venues, the perfect balance between creating a fun relaxed atmosphere and making the day super special, they seemed to make it all happen.  So when I first contacted and met Vanessa and found that she was a truly lovely person, that was the icing on the cake and I have felt very privileged to be able to shadow and assist on many of R&F’s weddings ever since.

What have I learnt so far?  Well, that anything can and does happen at weddings and that Vanessa’s ’emergency toolbox’ of literally everything really isn’t overkill, it’s a lifeline that all wedding planners should have.  I’ve learnt that a carefully compiled and meticulously thought through wedding schedule and briefing document is also a complete must for weddings and something that ensures all involved in any R&F Wedding are co-ordinated, confident in their role, and knows the event will be a huge success.

I’ve also learnt that the job is not easy, racking up nearly 30,000 steps each wedding day isn’t for the faint hearted!  Mostly though, I’ve learnt just how rewarding and welcoming this industry can be, and working with R&F Weddings constantly re-confirms how much I love the wedding world and my opportunities to work within it.  Alongside carefully selected trusted suppliers, Vanessa pours so much dedication and love into executing each and every one of her unique weddings and the results are stunning every time. I feel honoured to be able to keep learning from the team as we head into the 2019 season.”

Image: Rebekah Robert Photography

Thanks Hannah (we are blushing ever so slightly now) – next year we are hoping to bring you more behind the scenes images and more about us as a team and how we work together and what we get up to on a wedding day.

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