Making a Statement with your Wedding Suit

Making a Statement with your Wedding Suit

Its easy to focus on the Bride and the Stunning Wedding dress, but perhaps as a groom you want to stand out too, or at least not the let the side down?

Sharon of Chimneys Formal Mens Wear in Cambridgeshire is a firm believer that every groom should have the option of the same boutique experience that every bride deserves and they make every effort to make every visit an experience and every suit unique. We asked Sharon for her top tips and this is what she had to say……

The choice of the groom’s suit is often overshadowed by the importance placed upon the choice of dress, colours for decorations and bridesmaid dresses. It’s the Groom’s wedding too and his outfit needs as much planning in the early stages of organising the wedding as everything else.
The team at Chimney Menswear can help you plan for your big day without any stress. With a little bit of organisation and advice we show you how.

When should I start looking for my suit?

Once the wedding date is set and the venue organised, you will have a feel for the style of wedding you are planning. This will help you with the type of suit you may be looking for and the colour you prefer.
It would be advisable to start booking your appointment to look at suits about 6 – 9 months before the wedding. This gives you time to try some styles, maybe think about it, go back to reassure yourself that you have made the right choice and then organise the rest of the party to book in for their fittings.
Having said this, there are some grooms who are happy to leave it to the last minute and, although we don’t recommend it, we can still help you make your choice if there are only a few weeks to go to the wedding.

Who do I take with me for my First Appointment?

This choice is important. You need someone who’s opinion you trust. This first appointment is not a ‘jolly’ for the whole wedding party to get involved in. It is for the groom and his fiancé to decide as it’s their wedding. Too many opinions can un-nerve you and make you feel that you want to please everyone and often this leads to indecision and doubt.
Just bring along your fiancé or your best man or your father. How the rest of the party will look can still be shown to you without them all being there. The atmosphere will be calm and conducive to helping you choose, and you will feel confident that your choice is yours and suits your wedding style well.

How can I stand out from the rest of my ushers and best man?

This is important as you don’t want a distant relative asking ‘which one is the groom?’ If you are styled correctly it should be obvious.
There are various ways this can be achieved
The obvious choice is to select a different suit. This works really well if you choose a patterned suit and then select a plain suit for the rest of the party. The colour of the suit for the rest of the party should reflect one of the colours to be seen in your suit so enhancing yours.
If all of you want to wear the same suit then, as the groom, you should again stand out by wearing a different waistcoat. This may be of a different colour, a different fabric, texture or pattern. Plain colours and fabrics should be left to the less important member of the party keeping the dominant style for you. Your waistcoat is an important choice as your jacket is very likely to be removed once formalities are over, so you need to feel confident with your choice.
Even a different tie or pocket square can make the difference making you, the groom, stand out from the crowd.

Does it matter which shoes I choose?

Shoes are very much a personal choice. They are one way to make a statement and show your personality.
Your shoes should bring your whole outfit together so that you are noticed not for your shoes but for your overall style. Traditionally black shoes work with navy, black, blue, silver or charcoal but more and more brown is chosen to accessories blue or navy. This works well if there are brown buttons on a tweed waistcoat or the suit is tweed but avoid the garish orangey tan shoes which are great for your night out but only serve to make you arrive ‘feet first’ at your wedding. Do remember that your wedding photos are with you for life, just like your partner, so give this choice careful thought. If you wish to make a statement with your shoes, make sure it looks like a statement and not a mistake. White trainers, so long as they are pure white, or Converse in colours that reflect the colours of the wedding, are perfectly acceptable if they are styled with the right outfit.

Should I include my father in the formal wedding party?

Traditionally the Father of the Bride has a major role in the early part of a wedding ceremony, but the role of the Father of the Groom is a little less defined so making it harder to decide if he should be included. If they are happy to be dressed similar to the ushers and best man and you wish to include them, then do so. They will blend in if dressed in the same way but they, or you, may wish them to have their own style. If wearing tails, you may find that the fathers are not very enthusiastic. Don’t despair but why not offer them the chance to have the same colour suit but in a lounge jacket instead. They may feel less conspicuous but still part of the party. Some fathers want to obtain their own suits or use one from the wardrobe. If this is a different colour from yours, suggest they wear the same waistcoat or tie and pocket square to match the ushers so again they have their own style but still feel included in the formal group. To go completely different from everyone else is still acceptable as they do have their own individual roles to play.

How soon before my wedding should I book fittings for all my guys?

The groom’s sizes will usually be taken at the first appointment and kept on file. If hiring and this is quite a few months before the wedding it would be wise to have them checked a few weeks before the wedding. If you are buying suits you will be advised on when to have your fitting depending on how much delivery time is needed. You then need to remember to keep your weight stable to ensure it fits on your wedding day.
If you are hiring suits for your ushers and best man, then their fittings should be within 4 – 6 weeks before the wedding. If any one is aiming to lose weight or training for a marathon or going on holiday before the wedding this all needs to be taken into consideration. Their date for fittings needs to be discussed and booked accordingly. Children in the party should be fitted 2 or 3 weeks before the wedding as they change so quickly.

No matter how important other aspect of the wedding seem to be, don’t let the decision on what you, the groom, are going to wear be one of the last you make. You need to take your time, choose carefully, own your style and so feel confident as you step out on this special day.


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