Consumer Code for Weddings and Events

For whatever the reason, be it the ease of setting up a faux business on social media, lack of consumer or supplier education or otherwise, the small number of rogue traders out there are causing misery to couples and disruption within the industry. Now in 2019 the UK government is taking the first steps by introducing an opportunity for the wedding industry to self regulate like many other industries already do.

cambridge college wedding

Sadie & Jonathan’s Cambridge Wedding

When a couple meet in Paris on Christmas Eve and you’re tasked with managing their wedding, you know it will be a romantic day that is very true to them! For Sadie and Jonathan that meant having a very personalised Cambridge wedding, with their ceremony and drinks reception at the Groom’s place of work, Trinity…
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Joanna + Christopher’s Summer Marquee Wedding

On a beautiful May day in the grounds of the Groom’s stunning family home, we had the pleasure of assisting Joanna and Chris with the planning of their marquee wedding. Joanna and her bride squad chose to get ready at Joanna’s family home, with curlers aplenty and the bubbles flowing as the lovely Jade Walker…
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RandFWeddings & LGBTQ

Inclusion is everything, People are people and love between two consenting adults should always be a cause for celebration. Being LGBTQ friendly is a big thing in current media and a popular topic of discussion amongst Wedding professionals as to how we can ensure the community feels welcome in our businesses The question recently came…
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Making a Statement with your Wedding Suit

The choice of the groom’s suit is often overshadowed by the importance placed upon the choice of dress, colours for decorations and bridesmaid dresses. It’s the Groom’s wedding too and his outfit needs as much planning in the early stages of organising the wedding as everything else.

Floral Wedding Dress

Top Tips for Caring for Your Wedding Dress

Caring for your wedding dress is integral for keeping it in pristine condition. This is still the case after the big day as well as before – you can’t just shove it in the back of the cupboard and hope it’ll stay perfect.

cambridge wedding planner

Karen + Robert’s Riverside Wedding

Our last wedding of 2018 was the beautiful riverside wedding of Karen & Robert. These two beautiful souls found love later in life and it was a lovely intimate wedding full of laughter, love and warmth. A church service followed by a reception in a hall with connections close to Robert and his family. We…
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Who Chooses a Celebrant and why?

Many of you are probably aware that us Celebrants write and officiate the most beautiful and personalised ceremonies – but who would chose a Celebrant and why?

Ashleigh + Jonny’s Woodland Tipi Wedding

When Jonny and Ashleigh first contacted us, we were excited by their wedding day because they wanted a woodland wedding which has to be one of our favourite ceremony types. The only planning that they had completed when we got the call from them was that they had ‘booked a venue, some tipis and possibly…
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Steph + Jeff’s Summer Wedding

Steph and Jeff’s summer wedding has to be one of our favourite weddings from last year, not in the least because we have known Steph and her family for over 10 years and so for us as well as being a client’s wedding this was a wedding for friends, a family we’ve been honoured to…
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